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Team Samburu Biography
Brandon Quinton:Brandon Quinton was born in Ada, Oklahoma. While his father served in the Army the family relocated to various places, including Temple, Texas, Savannah, Georgia and Munich, Germany. Currently, Quinton lives in Dallas and works as a bartender. He previously worked as a make-up artist at a major department store.

Quinton attended East Central University in Ada, but dropped out his sophomore year. He describes himself as affectionate, smart and manipulative, and his hobbies are playing tennis, running and smoking. Although gay, Quinton was married to a woman during college, but is now divorced and single. His birth date is January 22.

FINAL WORDS:Well, it's been 27 days since I got off the truck and came to Africa, and my God, I cannot believe I made it 27 days. Until I got off the bus to come here, I had never gone camping, never slept on the ground, never…nothing! I don't even like the outdoors. And yet, I made it a month in the African bush; It's amazing! I'm actually really proud of myself. I never though I'd make it this long.

I'm thrilled to death to be on the Jury. I'd said all along that my main goal would be to be on the Jury, because I want to determine who wins the million dollars. Everybody that's playing the game still are really good people. Even Frank has his redeeming qualities. There's not any of them that don't deserve the money in one way or the other. No matter what happens, good or bad, in my future, this will stand out as one of the best months of my life.

Kelly Goldsmith:Born in San Diego, California, Kelly Goldsmith attended high school at La Jolla Country Day School in California. During those four years, Goldsmith served as class vice president, class president and student body vice president. She was also a varsity cheerleader, class homecoming queen and a National Merit Finalist (having scored 1520 on her SAT).

Graduating in 1997, Goldsmith then attended Duke University, where she became a proud member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, serving as social chair and rush chair while working towards her degree in Sociology.

Graduating from Duke in 2001, Goldsmith recently started a new job as a behavioral research analyst while she decides where to apply to graduate school. She has previously worked as a research intern for a cosmetic company and a chief researcher for a website company. Her hobbies include lifting weights, crocheting and, in her words, "manipulating men." She also enjoys singing and performing, having won the role of Abigail Williams in the 2000 Duke Drama Play The Crucible. An avid traveler, she has visited over thirty-five countries.

Kelly Goldsmith has one brother, Bryan. Her parents, Lyda and Marshall, have two dogs, Mandy and Beau. Her birth date is April 27.

FINAL WORDS:I'm done with SURVIVOR, and that's exciting. I think that in all reality, I can't help whipping myself. I've never been too good at sticking to one clique. I always kind of float around, so it was hard for me not to have friends in different places, and that kind of screwed me. But hey, I made it past the hard part with the boulders and whatnot, and for a skinny girl, that's a big deal.

Actually, I love you Mom, Dad and Brian, and rush Kappa, everyone! I love all you girls too. I love all my friends. Thank you, everyone who made me who I am.

I had a lot of fun, and I hope that I was fun to watch.

Kim Powers:Kim Powers was born and raised in Bridgewater, New Jersey, where she lived with her family prior to attending college. She graduated from Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications. Currently, she is a freelance marketing executive for an athletic wear company and is living in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia.

Powers's favorite hobbies include running, biking, boxing, growing herbs and vegetables, cooking and entertaining. She describes herself as extraverted, tenacious and competitive.

Kim Powers was engaged to be married for over a year, but less than three weeks before the big day, she called it off. Still single, she currently lives in a very socially complicated "tribe" with three other female roommates and her cat, Squirt. Her birth date is December 3.

FINAL WORDS:I guess the first thing is that I'm pretty proud of myself for lasting 33 days out here, in one of the driest, most unforgiving lands I have ever seen in my life. I know I've said it before, but I've never even gone camping, and to have lasted out here and slept outside with people I didn't know--in the dirt, drinking disgusting boiled water every day, with absolutely no comforts at all--I'm pretty proud of having gotten this far in the game. Since there's only 39 days, I guess 33 days sounds pretty good.

I made it all this time without any votes in Tribal Council, and that's definitely something I'm happy about. I know it was my time to go, because I was the only original Samburu person left on that tribe, and I've been that way for quite a while, almost seven days now, so that's also something I have to say that I'm pretty proud of.

It was a heck of a game. It was something that I'll never ever be able to describe in enough detail to give anybody who wasn't here any idea what it was actually like to be out here and to go through the physical elements of living in this terrain, especially the emotional part, the emotional stress and strain of trying to play this game in the best way that I could. I've definitely made some mistakes. I can look back and think "oh, my God!" and laugh at myself.

For the most part, I am super glad that I did this. It is an experience that I will absolutely never forget. Things that I have learned here I will take away into my life. I've gained some courage and gained some inner strength, and I'm very, very thankful for that. It has been something that will probably have changed me for the good, I hope. I definitely have enjoyed playing.

Some of the people that I met here are absolutely phenomenal people, and I hope they continue to play hard for the next six days while they're out here. I'll be very excited to come back as a Jury member and help in deciding who actually, ultimately wins this game, which is pretty cool. I'm psyched to be part of the Jury!

Lex Van Den Berche:Born in Palo Alto, California, Lex van den Berghe currently resides in Santa Cruz, California. With an extensive background in marketing, he was most recently employed as a marketing director of an Internet company. Having worked as a disc jockey at his college radio station, he graduated from Santa Clara University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English in 1985.

An avid traveler and fluent in French, van den Berghe has spent time in Kenya, Japan, Israel and all over Europe. His hobbies include time with his wife and children, surfing, music and fishing. He plays the drums and sings in the band Luckydog. Owning up to his deep appreciation for tattoos, he proudly displays the various works of art that cover his arms, legs and torso.

Lex van den Berghe has been married to Kelly for 10 years. They have two boys, Corbin and River. They also have two dogs, Lucky and Daisy, and two cats, Max and Lucy. His birth date is June 18.

FINAL WORDS:Wow. It's over: 38 days. What an awesome, incredible time!
I can honestly say I came here, I knew I had to get rad, I got rad. My whole point was coming out here to kick ass, and I feel I did that. I can honestly say I spent 38 days here, I played as hard as I could, I played straight and honest and true, and I leave tonight with no regrets. There is not a single thing I said or did while I was out here that I regret. Other than winning the whole thing, that was my top goal.

Tom Buchanan:Born and raised in Rich Valley, Virginia, Tom Buchanan currently works as a self-employed goat and cattle farmer on the ranch that has been in his family for three generations.

Buchanan attended Rich Valley High School, where he played football, basketball and baseball. He also served as student body president. He then attended East Tennessee State University as a football walk-on and later earned a full football scholarship, serving as team captain his senior year. After college, he returned home to work on the family farm. Known to his friends as "Big Tom," his hobbies include softball, fishing, bird hunting and riding his motorcycle. He is a member of the Virginia Cattleman's Association, Rich Valley Farmer's Club and Rich Valley Presbyterian Church.

Tom Buchanan has been married to Sandy for 23 years. They have one son, Bucky Bo, who is currently attending Cumberland College in Williamsburg, Kentucky. His birth date is October 30.

FINAL WORDS:Well, well, look at ol' Big Tom now! It's been a journey. I have flew, I have run, but now I'm sitting, thinking about food, thinking about everybody I left at home. But mainly, I'm thinking about all the good things that happened, and this great opportunity that I've had of survival.

From the top to the bottom, this has been a first-class act, and something in my wildest dreams I never thought would ever happen. I have seen more here in 37 days than most people see in two or three lifetimes. So, I don't know if this is a confession that you're supposed to bitch or complain about, but I have nothing but respect and high gratitude for everyone that's played the game. I have met sixteen of the greatest individuals that I have ever met in my life. Some of 'em I liked more than the others, some I liked least, but basically, they were all unique kind of people.

Damn, what a ride! This has been just like that balloon ride, this has been a great ride for me.

Carl Bilancione:Born in Chelsea, Massachusetts, Carl Bilancione grew up in Brooklyn, New York and Selden, Long Island, and currently lives in Winter Springs, Florida. Bilancione attended Fairleigh Dickinson University, where he earned both a Bachelor of Science and a dental degree. He currently owns his own private dental practice in Winter Park, Florida.

Bilancione is an avid sports fan, photographer, scuba diver and marathon runner. He has competed in and completed more than six marathons, including the New York Marathon, London Marathon, Disney Marathon and Marine Corps Marathon. He has a passion for sports photography, and enjoys photographing his beloved New York Yankees and Orlando Magic.

Carl Bilancione describes himself as highly competitive, vivacious and personable. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Florida Dental Association, the International Congress of Oral Implantology (he holds Mastership Status) and the International Society of Freelance Photographers. He is also the official photographer for The Downtown Athletic Club of Orlando, which presents the Dick Butkus Award honoring the best linebacker in college football. Bilancione has been happily married to Deborah for 21 years, and they have two children, Jessica, 17 and Bryan, 14. His birth date is June 20.

FINAL WORDS:I didn't get as far as I expected, but I did play this game the way I came in, with a sense of honor and a sense of dignity. I met three people in my tribe, Samburu, Frank, Linda and T. Hard-working people that I probably would have not met in my normal routine or socialize with, yet great people; they have a great soul, they have morals, they have values. This game is more than just winning a million dollars; this game is about integrity and honor and values. We showed that in the nine days that we've been together.

Unfortunately, in our tribe there was a split, and it was an obvious split: it was a generation gap. You had four people who were in their forties, who had worked their lives and have a sense of responsibility, and then you had people who are confused in their lives. It's kind of sad; I'm kind of worried about that generation. They don't understand love, they don't understand the true value of friendship, they don't understand the true value of hard work and an ethic. Most of all, they don't understand responsibility.

That's what I tried to show these people: responsibility. We're in a harsh environment here in Africa. We're visitors into this great land. This is not a game at Y.M.C.A. or Wild Kingdom. This is Africa: it's hot, it's dry, there's lots of dangers around us, and the three things you've got to be concerned about are fire, water and shelter. These other people just assumed that somebody would come running in if we got into trouble. Frank and I couldn't digest that, so every morning we got up at the crack of dawn, we went and got the water, we rotated the pots the way it needed to be done, and we kind of probably enabled them a little bit: because they didn't take responsibility, we did. So therefore, maybe they outwitted me or outplayed me in that sense of sportsmanship, but I have no regrets.

Linda Spencer:Linda Spencer is currently an Assistant Director of Career Services at Harvard University, as well as a married mother of two children. Spencer was born and raised on welfare in Boston's inner city. She received a BA degree from Dartmouth College, an MEd from Tufts University and an MSW from Boston College. Previous occupations include corporate account executive, director of African Adventures at an overseas adventure travel company and clinical social worker.

In December 1999, Spencer was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and underwent a thyroidectomy the following January. She received radioactive iodine treatments in May 2000, and is now completely cancer free. In September 2000, a mere eight months after being diagnosed with cancer, she successfully reached the summit of Mt. Rainier.

The three adjectives Spencer uses to describe herself include adventurous, competitive and determined. She is a member of the Appalachian Mountain Club, Sierra Club, American Alpine Club, Career Counselors Consortium, Blackpack and is a former member of the Coalition of 100 Black Women.

Spencer's hobbies include mountain climbing, ice climbing, winter camping, international travel, spinning and yoga. She also enjoys in-line skating, and has completed a race from Athens to Atlanta, Georgia, covering 85 miles. She has traveled to over 28 countries on 4 continents, including two summers spent in rural African villages with no electricity or running water.

Linda Spencer currently lives in Boston with her husband Jim and two children, Jared, 11 and Jenna, 9. Her birth date is January 1.

FINAL WORDS:It's been an amazing twelve days, and all along there were two things that I wanted to go away with. One was to have fun to the end, and I have fun each and every day. The other thing was to walk away with my head held high, and with honor. I think our vote tonight, the older people's alliance, is very significant. Honor is very important to us; integrity is very important to us. To me, it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game. We tried, and we came up on the shorter end of the stick.

It'll be interesting to see what happens later on, after the merge. I would love to be there, but it wasn't meant to be. I'm a very spiritual person, I trust the process, accept what is. It was an amazing adventure; I had a hell of a time. Mother Africa is just this wonderful, wonderful place. I've grown, I've learned, it's just been great. Namaste.

Lindsey Richter:Lindsey Richter was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism. While attending U of A she wrote for their student newspaper, The Arizona Daily Wildcat, and the Tombstone Epitaph, a paper based out of Tombstone, Arizona. During her senior year at college, she spent a semester studying abroad in Queensland, Australia, where she attended Bond University, a private school located near Surfer's Paradise on Australia's Gold Coast.

FINAL WORDS:Well, what can I say? Tonight's vote was a surprise. I thought that they would vote for Brandon, but to be honest, I had four votes stacked against me from a previous Tribal Council, and I was mentally prepared to go today.

I feel like I played the game hard and to the best of my ability, and I contemplated for a few minutes today voting for Brandon to save myself just in case they were going to vote for me. I didn't, and that makes me more proud than any possible forward move in this game, because I'm leaving with my pride. Brandon has been loyal to me, and so has Kim, and they're dear, dear friends to me, and I can't even believe I contemplated even once voting for Brandon. I leave tonight with my dignity and my pride. I played the game to the best of my ability and I'm happy about the way things turned out.

I honestly don't think I could have gone on much longer, because this game is a serious emotional roller coaster ride. I'm an athlete, I love to compete; I'm very competitive. I love to get down and dirty, and camp, and do all this rough stuff, but I'd much rather do it in a civilized environment where I'm not battling manipulation and backstabbing and malicious behavior. I don't like that aspect of this game at all. So I'm really, really excited that I had the opportunity to come here. I was picked sixteen out of 50,000 people. That's amazing! I've been given a gift: this opportunity to come to Africa and experience this place.

Prior to her departure for Africa, Richter worked as an account executive with an advertising firm in Portland. Before that, she spent a year in Australia working for the Gold Coast Cougars, an Australian professional baseball team. Richter's duties were wide-ranging and included everything from advertising, promotions, sales and public relations to game day activities.

Lindsey Richter enjoys spending her free time riding horses, boxing and snowboarding, and is an avid mountain biker who regularly competes on the racing circuit. She describes herself as competitive, spirited and compassionate. Her birth date is August 31.

Survivor:Africa winner-Ethan Zohn
Colors: BLUE
Flowers: DAISY
Types of Music: REGGAE; TRIP HOP
Sections of Paper: GOSSIP
Non-Alcoholic Drinks: O.J.; COKE; LEMONADE

Team Boran Biography
Ethan Zohn(The Winner):Originally from Lexington, Massachusetts, Ethan Zohn currently lives in New York City. He is a professional soccer player, having been employed as a goalie for the Highlanders Football Club (Zimbabwe), Cape Cod Crusaders (Cape Cod, Massachusetts) and the Hawaii Tsunami (Oahu, Hawaii). Zohn also played for the 1997 and 2001 U.S. National Maccabiah Team (Israel). Off the field, he has been the assistant coach for the Fairleigh Dickinson University Men's and Women's Soccer Team in Teaneck, New Jersey since 1998. Additionally, since 1999 Zohn has worked freelance as a brand name strategist/developer, responsible for creating names for newly invented products.

Zohn attended Vassar College, where he graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology. Following graduation, he traveled for six months in Australia and New Zealand, where he bungee jumped from one of the highest jumps in the world (400 feet).

In addition to playing soccer, Ethan Zohn is an aspiring inventor who enjoys scuba diving, photography, running and cooking (he's a vegetarian). He has two brothers, Lenard and Lee. His birth date is November 12.

Clarence Black:Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan by his mother Mae, Clarence Black is currently a high school basketball coach. He attended Bridgton Academy in North Bridgton, Maine. Black earned a college basketball scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Classical Studies at Hillsdale College in Michigan.

While at Hillsdale, Black played basketball and founded the Tod Phister Memorial Basketball Tournament, which raises money to support cancer research in honor of a fellow teammate who passed away. After graduating, he worked as a stockbroker and financial planner, but decided the profession wasn't for him.

Clarence Black is a member of the Detroit County Alumni Council and a member of the Board of Directors for Wise Steward Ministries Youth Education Program. He describes himself as competitive, loyal and silly. His birth date is December 21.

FINAL WORDS:I just want to say first off that I completely understand the decision to get rid of me. I'm strong, and I pose a threat in the Immunities, and I can live with that, because I knew that coming in. I really needed this Immunity to find out if there was old Boran loyalty, and I guess there isn't. I can live with that, too, because you know what? That's just part of the game. I was hoping to God that the six of us would team up on the other four and get rid of them, and there would be us six in the finals, but I guess you guys didn't see it that way. And I understand that, but I just want to say I don't hold any grudges and I wish the best of luck to all of you.

I've had the time of my life here. If someone would have told me a year ago that I would be doing this, I would have laughed at them, and if someone would have told me two months ago I would be here, I would have laughed even harder. I feel very blessed to have gotten this opportunity, and it's just been unbelievable. So, to the people remaining, I just want to say good luck.

I made a bad call, but I'm very proud of T: a mother of two, in her forties, hanging on as long as she did, and then beating me at rock paper scissors. That's just amazing. Hopefully, I'll see everyone again and we can all be friends, but you guys won fair and square.

I'm glad that I didn't do anything at any time to dishonor myself or my mother. I played a fair game, and I lost. I lost because I was strong, and I don't think there are many people who can say that they lost because they were strong. I lost with integrity; I would have won with integrity. I'm glad I got this opportunity, so good luck, and I'm sure I'll see you all again soon. Bye-bye!

Frank Garrison:Born in Amsterdam, Holland, to a Dutch woman and an American soldier, Frank Garrison moved to the United States in 1960. He attended Lake Shore Central High School in Angola, New York. He now resides in Odessa, New York.

Garrison currently works as a technician for a major telephone company. Previously, he served as a Non-Commissioned Officer with the 24th Infantry Division G-3 training, United States Army. He still follows the 24th Infantry Motto, "First to Fight."

An avid hunter, Garrison is a member of the National Rifle Association and enthusiastically supports the second amendment of the United States Constitution. He is also a member of the American Legion.

An avid bow hunter and muskie fisherman, Frank Garrison declares that his favorite time is spent with his wife Polly Ann and daughters, Jocelyn Rose and Sage Hunter; a third girl is on the way. His birth date is July 22.

FINAL WORDS:To my lovely wife Polly Ann and my daughters, Jocelyn Rose and Sage Hunter, thank you for your unselfish sacrifices you made so I could go on this adventure. As you husband, as your father and as your friend, I apologize for not meeting the objective that I told you about, but I give you my word of honor that down the road, I will make all your dreams come true. I love you and I miss you. Thank you.

Kim Johnson:Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Kim Johnson grew up in Annapolis, Maryland and has lived in New York for the past twenty years, currently on Long Island's Oyster Bay. She attended Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and Monmouth University in Long Branch, New Jersey, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education.

Though now retired as an elementary school teacher, Johnson has since worked as the League/Tournament Coordinator for an indoor tennis club and was the owner of a sportswear clothing boutique.

In her free time, Johnson enjoys exercising (running, tennis and free weights), camping, hiking, fishing, sailing, golfing, horseback riding, thoroughbred horse racing and playing games of any kind. She describes herself as nutty, logical and determined. She is extremely proud of her family; she is especially proud of being the grandmother of two, with another one on the way. She is fluent in sign language, and has volunteered her services over the years for the blind and deaf.

Kim Johnson is a lifetime member of Pi Beta Pi Sorority, the U.S. Tennis Association and the U.S. Platform Tennis Association. She has been married to Ted for 37 years and has three children, Wendy, Kerry and Ted, Jr. Her birth date is Sept. 18.

Teresa Cooper:Teresa Cooper was born a fraternal twin (to her brother, Don) and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.

Cooper is a 20-year veteran flight attendant for a major airline, for whom she flies as a German qualified speaker and also as an international flight coordinator. She is a certified real estate agent, and works full time as a recruiting and sales representative for a cosmetic company. A former aerobics instructor, Cooper is a competitive runner. She has participated in marathons, half marathons and 10Ks, including one while she was 9 months pregnant.

For the past 13 years, Teresa Cooper has lived in Jackson, Georgia on a 161-acre farm with her husband, Brian, and two children, Tyler, 9, and Ellie, 5. Besides running, Cooper's other hobbies include investing in real estate, biking with her children and studying the German language. She describes herself as energetic, loyal and driven. Her birth date is May 5.

FINAL WORDS:This has been an absolute experience of a lifetime. I never dreamed I'd make it to be one of the sixteen Survivors, much less be one of the five remaining Survivors, so it's something I'll never forget. I appreciate having the opportunity to be here and to experience everything here in Africa: the game, the wonderful people I've been associated with.

These last four people that are left, it's going to be hard for me to even decide, me being on the Jury, which one I want to win the whole million, because I'm crazy about all four of them.

But anyway, once again, it's been an incredible experience for me, being one of the five remaining Survivors. Thank you for having me; thank you for a wonderful experience.

Diane Ogden:Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, Diane Ogden was raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, where she attended Lincoln High School. She has also taken college courses at the University of Nebraska (Lincoln) and Southeast Community College. She currently serves as a mail carrier for the United States Post Office. Previous employment includes work as a nurse's aide and as a carhop waitress at a fast food restaurant.

Ogden's favorite hobbies include jewelry making, home improvement and entertaining guests at her pool, where she loves to swim. She describes herself as tenacious, resourceful and fun-loving. She is passionate about children's education and works closely with her son's Boy Scout troop.

Twiced divorced, Diane Ogden has one daughter, Jessica and one son, Alex. She also has one dog, Cleo. Her birth date is April 27.

FINAL WORDS:Well, I'm the first one to get the boot, and I have no regrets. I now get to enjoy my time here in Africa, go swimming, eat, and drink water. I wish the best to everybody involved in this game. Good luck.

I'm actually kind of glad; it was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. I'm glad that I had the experience, and got the chance to come and find out exactly what wild Africa is like. And it's tough, it's real tough, but I'm glad I got to experience it. I think they know that I would have been there for them, but I think they were concerned about me being so dehydrated, that I wouldn't be able to continue on at any kind of level. In fact, I know I would not have been voted off tonight had I been more hydrated.

Jessie Camacho:Jessie Camacho is currently employed as a Deputy Sheriff for Orange County in Orlando, Florida, while also attending the University of Central Florida (where she is now a junior).

Camacho was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, and remained there until she was 14 years old. Moving to Florida in 1989, she attended Winter Park High School. In January 1991, at age 16, she was crowned "Miss Puerto Rico, Orlando." After graduating high school in 1992, she worked as a model before deciding to enroll in college. In 1996, she received an Associate of Arts Degree from Valencia Community College, where she was on the dean's list. She then immediately enrolled in the school's police academy, where she completed a grueling six months of physical training and intensive classroom work. In 1998, she was named one of the top three up-and-coming leaders in Central Florida by the Mayaquezanos organization. In March 2001, she was given the Juan Ponce de Leon Award for Future Leader by the Puerto Rican Parade of Central Florida.

Citing her grandfather, a former police officer in Puerto Rico, as her hero, Camacho previously worked as a police officer for the Altamonte Springs Police Department and a security officer for a major theme park. Her hobbies include rollerblading, mountain biking, personal fitness, dancing and kickboxing. She also collects cartoon movies.

Jessie Camacho has a dog, Babsy, and a fish, Blue. Her birth date is September 24.

FINAL WORDS:This is kind of nerve-wracking, sitting here by myself. I know why the guys made the decision they made. Obviously, they felt that they needed Clarence to stay in the challenge. He's a little bit stronger than me anyway. That's the decision they made, and I am okay with that. I just want to tell Tom that I love him. I'm not going to cry, but I'm talking about Tom. That's pretty much it!

Silas Gaither:Silas Gaither, originally from Germantown, Tennessee, recently moved to Los Angeles. Gaither graduated with a BA in Finance from University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2000, and is currently bartending in West Los Angeles while pursuing a career in acting.

During Gaither's senior year at Houston High School (1996), his soccer team won the State Championship. In addition, he played high school football, wrestled and was voted "Mr. Houston" by his peers. While attending U of T, he was the boxing champion in his weight class three years straight.

Silas Gaither's three favorite hobbies include kayaking, fly-fishing and backpacking. He describes himself as happy, spontaneous and exciting. Gaither is single and currently lives with two roommates and his dog Max. His birth date is January 28.

FINAL WORDS:I don't know where to begin. Unbelievable game; excellent game. I'm not too good at gambling, and the twists of the game were amazing. I kind of had my cards lined up the way I wanted them going into the merge, but I was with the two people that we were about to kick off, and I just couldn't recover from it. I was a threat to Ethan and the rest of the group. I think they saw that--at least, I hope they saw that if that was the reason--and voted against me here.

But it's tough to be sitting here. I had planned on winning the whole thing, obviously. You come here to win, and that's basically why I came out here. But it was an unbelievable experience, an unbelievable game. I'd play the game tomorrow, I'd play it next year. It's unreal! I wish everybody had an opportunity to play this game.